Mangroves from the Water Exhibition

7 – 18 AUGUST 2021

Gordon Gallery

Geelong, Victoria, Australia


              We are happy to announce that the City of Greater Geelong and the Sharjah Heritage Institute in the UAE are going to support our exhibition ‘Mangroves from the Water’, opening on 7 August 2021 at The Gordon Gallery in Geelong.

The exhibition runs until 18 August.




Luc Ferry said “One can live in old philosophies, but the world can’t be understood in any inventive way by sticking to the old principles”.  The Mangroves from the Water Exhibition is going to open on UN International Day for the Preservation of Mangrove Ecosystems, 26 July 2021 (no exhibition this year due to Covid 19).

Mangroves from the Water_Zahidah

Exhibition Aims

  1. Encourage viewers to realise the beauty and importance of the mangroves through our multimedia art exhibition and exhibition workshops and events,
  2. Protect wetlands and mangroves which have a strong tie to indigenous people and possess great capacity to mitigate climate change, and
  3. Encourage discussion through guest speakers about the mangroves, sea grass and wetlands from different universities and local communities, to be held at Deakin during our exhibition time.
  4. Promote the idea that art is not only connected to music, literature, science and philosophy but also to sport. Kayaking and painting are holistic processes.  The body is involved with kayaking, the process of movement of muscular tension in guiding the craft. There is a strong relationship between the body and emotions as seen in dance.

According to Presland (1985) Port Phillip Bay has changed dramatically since 1835 resulting in a poor outlook for biodiversity.  Despite the importance of mangroves to Earth, poor biodiversity, global warming and stress upon indigenous communities are a result of economic development.  There is a link between trees and people as David Haskell describes in ‘Songs of Trees’, so destroying trees reflects the destruction of communities. Can we give life back to trees?  There is also a link between destruction (war) & overdevelopment!


The exhibition will provide viewers with a range of media to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. The artists also hope to see discussions occurring throughout the exhibition in a series of colloquia.


The artists are:

Alexis Gambis, Nicola Cerini, Enrico Santucci, Deb Taylor, Richard Collopy, Jacqui Dreessens, Stephanie Neville, Geraldine Chansard, Helen and Peter Martin, Malcolm Gardiner, Kerrie Taylor and Zahidah Zeytoun Millie.











Mangroves from the Water Website:



Mangroves from the Water







YouTube Mangroves from the water

For more information, please see the Australia chapter links in our blog

Our Partner: the City of Greater Geelong

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Shobha

    Hi Stephanie,
    I am a passionate crocheter . Kindly answer as to what the crochet square that you are asking will be used for to save the mangrove s . The coastline distance is around 3000 hectares across UAE. So the crochet squares would be used as a banner to attract attention to the project or used to fence around the coastline !!!!!


    1. Hi
      Thank you for your interest. We aim to connect all the squares collecte to create a type of fence to raise awareness for the protection. It will be temporary, but it will be placed on site in the mangroves, yes.


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