Enrico Santucci

Enrico Santucci

I was born in Italy, a country where beautiful scenery, architecture, history are a scape to a vivacious culture.

Artist Statement 

Inspiration for my printed photography works springs out from the surrounding environment.  I’m in it!  My connection with nature becomes more relevant in this time of global destruction as I recognise the importance of individual action to change, not just my impact upon the planet, but to stimulate others to be more aware of what we can lose if we don’t reconnect with the environment.  I capture and present images that incorporate local nature in places of everyday living as open, architectural decoration, indoors and out.

A few years ago I asked myself why a floor needs to be just a two dimensional aspect of just a few natural colours, when through digital printing on canvas using resin it’s possible to create a unique floor?  Or, why a roller blind is just a fabric screen with basic colours when you can make a full size print as the window frames become a frame for nature scenery?  I create images that open up a confined space, a home to the environment we live in, as printing on canvas and the use of coating giving depth to the image.  The home becomes more in tune with the outside space we live in, giving the impression that we are included, and not so isolated.  When we feel isolated, we become disconnected from the environment, alienated and insecure.

All work depicted here is previous work.  Work will be made specifically for the exhibition.

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Text edited by Zahidah Zeytoun Millie – Curator