Mangroves from the Water Research Project

Mangroves from the Water

The aesthetic value of tidal wetlands and their contribution in mitigating climate change is underrated with little literary and artistic consideration.  This project will consider how ecological intimacy can be expressed as art activism to effectively promote awareness, stimulate thinking and facilitate environmental policy change.  Reflections and theories are handled together throughout the exegesis. The research follows the process of my art practice and my own narrative reflections that proceed from past, current and future art exhibitions aimed at the preservation of mangroves globally.

This research will culminate in an art project stimulated by kayaking and painting trips around mangrove areas in Victoria over a number of years.  The explorative retrospective-prospective research will build greater understanding of mangroves through ecological intimacy.   The entire research and art project will hopefully influence multimedia artists and community decision makers for the benefit of our society and the environment.

Zahidah Zeytoun Millie, Artist 

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