Kharareef Heritage and Storytelling Club

Kharareef Heritage Storyteller students under the guidance of Brioné LaThrop:

Alanoud Al Zaidi, Dana Al Mazrouei, Hanan Al Marzougi, Noor Zadeh, Shaikha Al Suwaidi.

Alanoud, Dana, Hanan, Noor, Shaikha & Brioné tell the local tale of Fatouh, the genie and protector of the mangroves.  The collaboration of the students and tutor Brioné has created a folk tale out of the original stories narrated by their grandmothers.  The storytellers regale audiences with original tales of the ancient genie Fatouh, guardian of the Mangroves in the exhibition’s majlis.  This next generation of artists connects ancient wisdom of the past with modern insights from the genie Fatouh.

The artists are members of the Al Kharareef Heritage and Storytelling Club.  Alanoud is a second year student.  Dana is a professional graphic designer and illustrator with a degree in graphic design from the University’s College of Arts and Creative Enterprises.  Dana’s passion for art and Emirati heritage has placed her at the forefront of several significant projects.  Hanan is the president of the storytelling club while Noor is a junior studying Media and Communication.  Shaikha is a Communication and Media Sciences senior specializing in Converged Media.  Her illustrations featured in the Abu Dhabi Festival’s 2014 Khalifa Park Exhibition and in the 2014 Dubai International Symposium on Electronic Art.  The artists come together to celebrate Fatouh, an ancient guardian of the UAE’s mangroves.

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