Kerrie Taylor

Kerrie Taylor

Kerrie Taylor is a printmaker and fibre artist responding to the natural world’s beauty, particularly through observing mangroves. Having lived and worked with First Nations peoples for over 20 years, Kerrie deeply respects Aboriginal wisdom and her work reflects this.

Kerrie’s prints are richly layered, mimicking the intricate mangrove root environment. Using repurposed materials, Kerrie’s fibre installations integrate traditional coiled weaving, crochet and wrapping techniques with contemporary assemblage methods.

Mangroves protect coastal erosion and are highly efficient in capturing carbon. They provide breeding grounds and habitats for flora and fauna, and a sustainable source of food and medicine for First Nations peoples. By exploring this complex mangrove system’s unique role in sustaining scarce natural resources, Kerrie symbolises her concern for the earth’s future.

With a vibrant palette of colors and textures, Kerrie’s landscapes explore and celebrate opportunities for a way forward, challenging us to be custodians of our diverse natural resources.

Please visit her website for more details on Kerrie and her work

Instagram: @kerriecreates

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