Video of the Mangroves from the Water exhibition opening

We are so excited to share this video capturing the official opening of our Mangroves from the Water exhibition, 14 August, Gordon Gallery, Geelong.

To view the complete video, please visit our Mangroves from the Water YouTube page.

A huge thank you to Phil Hines for all the photography on the day, and creating this video.

Here is a shorter version giving a quick overview of the show:

Mangroves from the Water Exhibition photos

It’s with great pleasure that we are able to share these images with you from our official opening on Saturday 14 August 2021.

Thanks to the Gordon Gallery, the City of Greater Geelong, Sharjah Institute of Heritage, , the Barwon Estuary Project and Humans of Geelong for their support in realising this show.

The opening began with a Welcome to Wadawurrung Country by Elder Nikki McKenzie, supported by Norm Stanley on the didgeridoo; a ceremony we all acknowledged as befitting the themes and depth of our project and our regard for the mangrove landscape. 

We were honoured that Libby Coker MP officially opened the event and we’re grateful for her important words and interest in our project.

Curator Zahidah Zeytoun Millie acknowledged the support of our partners and introduced the work of our 13 artists, all focused on raising awareness of the beauty and importance of mangroves.

To Peter Martin, thank you for presenting the opening oration so eloquently.

The afternoon gave our 50 visitors (we were restricted by Covid 19!) a fascinating range of perspectives that included a human element in addition to the multi media artwork.  Choreographic artist Jacqui Dreessens performed a sensorial interpretation of mangroves in dance with video, and Richard Collopy presented a passionate talk on a traditional owner’s perspective of mangroves.  Viewers were enthralled by the depth of thought and detail presented in the multi media Mangroves from the Art exhibition. 

We are very grateful to everyone who came out to support us, especially during this difficult time with lockdowns.  We were sad to miss a few of the artists not being able to attend – some stuck locally (Nicola Cerini and Kerrie Taylor), and some abroad (Geraldine Chansard in Belgium, Stephanie Neville in the UAE and Alexis Gambis in France).

Credit for all images goes to photographer Phil Hines.  Our thanks to MC Daniel Zeytoun Millie.

The beautiful paintings of Helen Martin

The beautiful paintings of Helen Martin conveys a touching fondness for her husband by translating his deep-rooted connection to the mangroves, Her skill as a painter is evident in the atmospheric depictions of mangrove trees as seen in the images below, manifesting the vibrancy and liveliness through brush strokes and play of light.

Helen’s artist statement:

For the Mangroves from the Water Exhibition, Helen is collaborating with her husband Peter Martin, who has a deep affinity with mangroves having grown up playing and exploring them on the shore in front of his family home at Peek’s Point, East Gosford in New South Wales – on Darkinjung Country. 

Her works for the exhibition draw on recent images of a small stand of white mangroves planted in the early 1960s by the five Martin boys at shoreline of Broken Bay. These young boys were motivated to plant mangrove seedlings they had found nearby in response to the degradation and destruction of the local mangroves, their playground, caused by unabashed urban development. The mangroves were seeded in the rocky foreshore among the clusters of native oysters, and over the past 50 years thrived, creating a new habitat.

Helen Martin’s paintings: ‘Mangroves at Peek’s Point, Darkinjung Country: a Martin Legacy I-V’, 2021.

Announcement from our curator Zahidah

I am happy to announce about the multimedia ‘Mangroves from the Water in Geelong’ exhibition to open on the Mangroves Day, 26 July, 2020 at the Gordon Gallery, Deakin University, Waterfront.
The Mangroves from the Water project members believe that through their art they can build awareness of the importance of protecting this important natural ecosystem.

Art has a power to inform any culture about ideas that matter.

The project members approach the theme with a fascinating range of media: painting, short film, textile, sculpture, performance dance, performance music and an art installation. The mangrove artists and our quest speakers will present a fascinating approach to celebrating the wonders of this unique habitat through art and science.

More information about the exhibition and artists involved to be announced by May 2020.

Do tune in to Masainakum Masoonah on 94.7FM The Pulse, where I will interview participating artists in July!

Zahidah Zeytoun Millie

Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi, Al Mamoura building, Exhibition opening

Here are a few photos of our Mangroves from the Water exhibition at the building of our sponsor, the Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition runs from 1 – 5 November, before moving to Sharjah next week.