Open call for the next Mangroves from the Water exhibition

Open Call

The “Mangroves from the Water” exhibition is to occur for a second year

in January-February 2017.

We are looking for people with a unique artistic touch to reach out to people’s mind and soul. If you feel you can add something to humanity, then please contact us. We want to protect the mangrove forests of the UAE. The UAQ mangroves are in particular danger from daily chopping and littering. Mangroves are a haven for fish, birds and other animals. Mangrove forests are also efficient carbon reducers; they are vital for the ecology of the planet.

Our appeal is to have the mangrove forests designated as a UAQ national park, as the 7km distance has all the natural plants and birds. All we need to do is look after it all!
We are not after a CV or biography, we are after your strong art. If you are a painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, poet, scientist graphic designer, short movie producer, a fashion designer, musicians, sport coach, then please show us a piece of your work about the mangroves or its habitat by 30 November 2016. Send it through our exhibition Facebook page after you press the “like” button.
Please also visit our blog to know more about us and what we have done since October 2015. See the photo albums of the previous exhibitions!
http://www.Mangroves from the

Mangroves from the Water exhibition will be exhibited next to the mangroves under a traditional Emirati tent. Our exhibition will accompany some sport events like, kayaking, running and walking along the 7km in Khor Al Beida.

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