Announcing our collaboration with Ocean Tree Studios

Mangroves from the Water exhibition is happy to collaborate with Ocean Tree Studios in Florida, USA to join the world celebration of the mangroves and wetlands on the International Mangroves Day.


Ocean Tree Studios is an environmental conservation organization founded in 2017 by Maya Greven (Founder, Creative Director).

Their mission is inspired by the magnificent mangrove, the tremendous legacy of Doris Leeper and the cross-pollination of art and science. They are dedicated to inspiring sustainable behavior, healthy habitats, expanding living shorelines and promoting the use of native plants through educational outreach and land conservancy programs that utilize the arts, culture and community-engaged design for the benefit of the Indian River Lagoon and for the greater public health of the surrounding communities.

“We believe that in restoring our landscape, we are restoring ourselves. Through community engagement, collaborative and creative efforts we hope to promote and further conservation efforts.” – Maya Greven


And so does the Mangroves from the Water team!


Reminder: ‘Mangroves from the Water’ is a group multimedia art exhibition will open on the International Mangroves Day 26 July and will end on 15 August on the opening day of the National Science Week, 15-23 August.

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