Introducing Malcolm Gardiner

We are proud to collaborate with Malcolm Gardiner, the president of the Land and Water Resources Otway Catchment (LAWROC).

Malcolm Gardiner at Big Swamp
Malcolm Gardiner at Big Swamp, a former wetland that was turned into an acid soil wasteland.
Photo courtesy of ABC South West Vic: Matt Neal     Available at

LAWROC is a Landcare group which is actively involved in Barwon fighting for the protection on the Victorian Wetlands, specifically rivers and creeks in part of the Otways, south of Colac.

The desire to leave this world in a better shape than it has been found has been my major driving force.  A lack of truth, honesty and integrity from those authorities left with the task of looking after the world of the future has also been a driving force behind trying to look after at least one small area of the planet. – Malcolm Gardiner

Malcolm recently appeared on The Sustainable Hour and you can listen to the interview here:

He will participate in the Mangroves from the Water exhibition in Geelong, by displaying his books and hosting special talks. More information will be shared soon!




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