The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Mangroves, A Family Video Story by Geraldine Chansard

Geraldine Chansard’s sculpture Woman from the Mangroves is the catalyst for the creation of the video project The girl who fell in love with the mangroves.

A crowdfunding campaign has been created in aide of the logistics involved for Geraldine to participate in the Mangroves from the Water touring exhibition in Australia this year.

The girl who fell in love with the mangroves , is a tale taken from real events. Through a conversation with Pauline Dupin, inspired the writing of a moving tale. Coming from France to the Emirates (RAK- UAQ) they had gathered a team of local participants to the play the roles of the girl, the fisherman and the robber…

You will have to wait for the final product to find out what happens!

The project to make a video was born with the director Pauline Dupin who grew up like Geraldine in Beauce .

To participate in the crowdfunding and for more information on Geraldine and this project, please visit:

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