Passion for the Mangroves – Kerrie Taylor

We are so happy to have Kerrie Taylor as the latest artist to join our team at Mangroves from the Water.

Kerrie shared these work- in- progress photos while doing research in the mangroves of the Darwin beaches.

She travels there every year from Victoria for further research on pneumatophores and mangroves.

What is a pneumatophore you might ask?:

noun, plural: pneumatophores. (botany) A specialized aerial root, such as in certain mangrove species, that stick up out of the soil and covered with many lenticels for gaseous exchange. (zoology) The air sac or float in certain siphonophores. Supplement. In botany, pneumatophores are a type of aerial root.

I must admit myself, these aerial roots astounded me at my first sight of them in the Umm Al Quwain mangroves (UAE). It is hard not to get obsessed over them.

Here is a sneak peek at the textile-based artworks by Kerrie Taylor inspired by the mangroves

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