Fun events for everyone!

In conjunction with our Mangroves from the Water exhibition, opening tomorrow 11 August – 22 August, we have these exciting events for the public to participate in…..

Meet Richard Collopy, who will narrate fantastical tales of nature and beings through indigenous storytelling.

Dance away with Jacqui Dreessens from Wild Moves International, translating a full body experience in connection with nature.

Get inky, creative and expressive by learning monoprinting techniques with Nicola Cerini, making unique prints inspired by the mangroves.

2 thoughts on “Fun events for everyone!

  1. Leslie Zehr

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    If you watched Episode 7 of The Universal Dancer Podcast you heard Jacqui Dreessens speak about her piece “Échelons.” Here are some more events from the “Mangroves from the Water” project and ways you can participate.


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